Curcumin for Athletes – May Enhance Endurance

Curcumin supplementation may be of interest to endurance athletes. This is suggested by a Taiwanese animal study in which liquid curcumin led to a big increase in the endurance capacity of lab mice. [Neurotox Res. 2006 Jan;9(1):29-37].

Among the long list of curcumin’s benefits, the study shows that Curcumin boosts energy and enhances the positive effects of exercise on the body – and in short – curcumin may contribute to our health and our well being.

When the researchers got the mice to run in a treadmill they observed that the animals that had been given curcumin could keep going for longer, as the curcumin increased the concentration of glycogen in the muscles and reduced the concentration of lactate and urea in the blood.

The increase in muscle strength may have been due to the anticatabolic effect of curcumin, the researchers suggest. Another possibility is that curcumin stimulates the development of the nerve pathways that the brain uses to send signals to the muscles.

It is important to note that the researchers used liquid curcumin that has demonstrated high bioavailability.  To enhance muscle building, we suggest that athletes regularly drink the liquid curcumin extract #Curcumall.

The technologically advanced formula of Curcumall delivers more curcumin to the blood than most curcumin products and has shown enhanced absorption of the active ingredients. The result is that Curcumall is an important supplement to athletes and the general public.

hot curcumall drink morning

How to Use Curcumall in Your Daily Routine:

  1. Each morning, drink 1-2 tsp Curcumall mixed with hot water.
  2. For best absorption, wait 20-30 minutes before eating.
  3. Try adding a second dose in cold water after workouts for better recovery.

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