Study: Anti-inflammatory Action of Curcumin

Study: Anti-inflammatory Action of Curcumin

Chronic inflammation plays a significant role in lifestyle-related diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases and obesity/impaired glucose tolerance. A recent research from Japan showed the mechanisms of the anti-inflammatory action of Curcumin on the cellular level and how Curcumin’s anti-inflammatory action is involved in different stages of the inflammation process in the human cells.

A number of clinical trials have reported beneficial effects of curcumin in the management of inflammation-related diseases. It is important to note that bioavailability of curcumin is the key to getting the health benefits of turmeric/ curcumin.
As Curcumall provides superior absorption of turmeric/ curcumin it plays a positive role in lifestyle-related health problems associated with chronic inflammation. As one of Curcumall’s customers wrote:

“I find that if I take a dose of Curcumall before exercise and then again shortly after, I have little or no excess muscle soreness. Had I not found Curcumall I’m sure I’d be inactive and overweight. As it is, I’m down to a very healthy weight and more competitive than ever”  Tim V. California

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