Lowering cholesterol with Curcumall®

An Israeli publicist, Micha Margalit, shared his experience in lowering cholesterol with Curcumall®

Micha Margalit, an Israeli publicist and writer in one of Israel’s leading newspapers, shared his personal experience in lowering cholesterol with Curcumall®. The article, was titled “Curcumall® & Cholestrol – A Personal Experiment” was first published in September 2011  and was republished in January 2012 in the news site www.israelnow.co.il. A regular blood test that Margalit took in January 2011 revealed that his cholesterol level was at 229.  Although he was advised by his family doctor to take medications against cholesterol he decided to take a different path to reduce his cholesterol level. He noticed that in the Curcumall® advertisements that he published,  one of the claims made by Curcumall® is that it may help maintain healthy cholesterol levels.  This intrigued him and he decided this could be an opportunity to personally test the product, which he had helped advertise. In his article, Margalit states that he did not change any lifestyle habits like diet or exercise and he took the the recommended dosage of Curcumall® twice daily –each time a spoon of Curcumall mixed in a glass of water circa half an hour before meal (on an empty stomach). During the four months of the experiment he checked periodically his cholesterol levels at an authorized leading medical lab at the Horev Medical Center. The results were the following:
Date of Lab Test Cholesterol Level Comments
Jan 10 2011 229 Original Test
Apr 13 2011 189
May 26 2011 168
Margalit concluded that the Curcumall® not only lowered his cholesterol levels without any side effects, but also gave him stamina and he felt more vigourous and with sharper memory. Scientists believe that curcumin lowers cholesterol in a few ways: 1. Curcumin attaches to cholesterol and prevents its ability to pass from the bowel to the rest of the body, where it can do harm. 2. Curcumin helps in keeping cholesterol levels under control by assisting the liver in eliminateing excess cholesterol. 3. Not only does curcumin have an overall beneficial effect on cholesterol, it is also able to specifically increase HDL levels (the “good” cholesterol)  and reduce LDL (the “bad” cholesterol) 4. Another therapeutic action linked to curcumin is that it helps in keeping the blood thin, which prevents blood clots from forming in the arteries and lowers the risk of having a heart attack.

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