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Turmeric’s Health Properties

Concentrated turmeric and curcumin may offer numerous health benefits. Curcumall® acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, helps in maintaining cholesterol levels within a healthy range, and has been shown to have anti-aging...

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Lowering cholesterol with Curcumall®

An Israeli publicist, Micha Margalit, shared his experience in lowering cholesterol with Curcumall® Micha Margalit, an Israeli publicist and writer in one of Israel’s leading newspapers, shared his personal experience in...

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Curcumall Against Parkinson’s Disease

Curcumall® against Parkinson’s disease (PD) Parkinson’s disease (PD) is an age-associated neurodegenerative disease clinically characterized as a movement disorder. The motor symptoms in PD arise due to depletion of...

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